Climate crisis…Did you notice the hurricanes?

Orlando Sierra/AFP

Hurricane Mitch in 1998 was the most destructive storm to hit Central America. But hundreds of thousands of subsistence farmers across the region have lost everything in flooding caused by Eta, which made landfall in Nicaragua as a category 4 hurricane on 3 November. Now, with a second hurricane projected to make landfall on Monday near where Eta did, even more could find themselves in the same situation.

The evidence of the influence of the climate crisis is not so much in the record-breaking 30 tropical storms in the Atlantic so far this year, but the strength, rapid intensification and total rainfall of these weather systems.

Central America has been one of the regions most affected by the climate crisis to date, first with Hurricane Mitch, and in recent years with more extreme weather patterns, particularly in what’s known as the dry corridor, which extends from northern Costa Rica all the way to southern Mexico…

The Atlantic hurricane season is expected to last until December this year, meaning that Iota might not be the last.

Stay tuned, campers. There is nowhere near anything that can add up to a significant effort to deal with climate change. Which only means things will get a helluva lot worse before we can even think about it getting better.

Facebook actually removed bigoted posts about our Vice President Elect


Will wonders never cease?

Facebook has taken down a string of racist and misogynistic posts, memes and comments about US Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris.

The social network removed the content after BBC News alerted it to three groups that regularly hosted hateful material on their pages.

Facebook says it takes down 90% of hate speech before it is flagged.

Uh-Huh. And the moon is made of green cheese,