3 thoughts on “What it felt like at dawn, today

  1. Freezer says:

    The record low for Santa Fe was -24℉ on February 03, 2011.

    “Natural-gas crisis: A chronology” (Santa Fe New Mexican Feb 12, 2011) https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/natural-gas-crisis-a-chronology/article_529f64d6-63a4-572b-806d-ccdcff16c752.html
    “Gas Co. acted ‘prudently’ in 2011 freeze” (Albuquerque Journal, Dec 31, 2012)
    See also “Severe weather event of February, 2011 and its cascading impacts on NM utility service” (New Mexico Public Regulation Commission report) http://www.nmprc.state.nm.us/utilities/docs/2011-12-21_Final_Report_NMPRC.pdf
    “In order to avoid catastrophic system failure, service was curtailed to 28,000 customers” (New Mexico Gas Company power point report to the Legislature) https://www.nmlegis.gov/handouts/STTC%20080714%20Item%204%20Gas%20Pipeline%20Issues.pdf


    • p/s says:

      Albuquerque Journal https://www.abqjournal.com/156741/gas-co-acted-prudently-in-2011-freeze.html
      “The PRC ordered the investigation shortly in the wake of the company’s decision Feb. 3, 2011, to shut off gas to 28,707 customers in the Taos, Española, Bernalillo and Placitas areas and in parts of southern New Mexico during the state’s coldest spell in 40 years. NMGC maintained the actions averted what could have been a complete system failure.
      There were no reported deaths or serious injuries attributed to the outage, but service for some customers wasn’t restored until Feb. 8.
      …The company also has applied to the PRC build a $38 million storage facility on the West Side to increase the system’s reliability. The PRC will have to balance the benefit and the cost, which would be passed on to ratepayers.”

  2. Ready or not says:

    “The polar vortex is splitting in two, which may lead to weeks of wild winter weather
    A sudden stratospheric warming event has pushed the polar vortex off the North Pole, sending Arctic air on the move” https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2021/01/05/polar-vortex-split-cold-snow/ “This unusually strong event may have profound influences on the weather in the United States and Europe, possibly increasing the potential for paralyzing snowstorms and punishing blasts of Arctic air, with the odds of the most severe cold outbreaks highest in Northern Europe. The United States is slightly more of a winter wild card for now, experts say, with individual winter storms tough to predict beyond a few days in advance.”

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