How I spent my afternoon…

Friday is bread-baking day for me, anyway; so, I don’t keep up full pace walking. But, I’m sitting in the living room after the first mile or so, just surfing on the iPad, when Helen gives me a shout from the study. She’s been checking online to see what footie was on, today…and Caley Thistle is on!

This happens about once a year here in Santa Fe – even online – if I’m lucky and the wind is from the East! So, I dash to the study and find my Caley scarf, switch on ESPN+, and wait and wait till match time.

Just a quick snap up top from the first half a while after the first goal of the match. Final score: Queen of the South 0 – 3 Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Three cheers for Caley Thistle!

America’s COVID Dead May Equal 9/11 Every Day by Xmas

With COVID infections surging across the U.S. and Thanksgiving celebrations expected to have given the coronavirus more opportunities to spread, experts fear the country will soon experience a record number of deaths from the disease—something equivalent to the 2,977 people killed on 9/11 per day—by Christmas.

In the past week alone, 10,288 people died of COVID in the U.S., with the current death toll of 267,302, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control website that was updated Tuesday. On average in the past week, 1,469 people died of COVID each day…

The CDC, which pools data from a number of models to create what is known as an ensemble forecast, sets its mid-range estimate for COVID deaths per day by December 19 at around 2,200, and its higher range at just over 3,000.

Same as it ever was – when we’re governed by a complete incompetent in the White House and a majority of the toy politicians in Congress too scared of their shadow to stand up to this idjit.

Africa inspires pandemic masks

Millimeters-thick sheets of delicately etched bronze. Pleated, laser-cut coral collars. This isn’t haute couture, though it could be. These are face masks.

Nigeria-based architectural designer Tosin Oshinowo and U.K.-based textile designer Chrissa Amuah have created three gorgeous face masks, called Freedom to Move, commissioned by Lexus, which is an official automotive partner of the annual Design Miami show. The brief asked them to create a “design object of our times,” and what’s more fitting than a mask for 2020?

I get it. The photo up top is one of the images of my favorite. Please look through them all.