Ramsay de Give

This was one of the most devastating weeks in the U.S. since the coronavirus pandemic began nine months ago.

On Friday, a national single-day record was set, with more than 226,000 new cases. Hospitalizations topped 100,000 — more than double the number at the beginning of November.

Upticks on both coasts have more than offset the progress in the Upper Midwest, where new case numbers have started to fall. Some places in the Northeast are now reporting more cases each day than they were in the spring, in part because testing was limited then. Here’s the latest map and case count.

As the virus has spread, infectious-disease experts have gained a better understanding of who among the nation’s nearly 330 million residents is the most vulnerable: nursing home residents, people with underlying conditions, and lower-income communities.

Saving lives should always be priority one. Not just for politicians and elected officials. The whole country should hold that truth in their heart. Stand up and be counted on to defend human lives before corporate dollars.

If the people you voted for…for whatever reason…won’t join you in this fight for life – throw them out of office!

One thought on “STAY AT HOME

  1. moss says:

    BTW…No matter how you rationalize it, “States Rights” continues as always to be nothing more than code words for Racism is OK on my patch. Y’all come on down!

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