Good News for Reforestation

DroneSeed, a company that uses fleets of drones to reforest areas burned in wildfires, received approval in October from the Federal Aviation Administration for its heavy-lift drones to operate Beyond Visual Line of Sight and to expand its use of heavy-lift drone swarms to California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. They previously had FAA authorization to operate in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

The FAA’s action allows DroneSeed to begin reforesting once a fire is contained and airspace is clear. Their aircraft drop seeds that are encapsulated in vessels consisting of four to six seeds, fertilizer, natural pest deterrents, and fibrous material which absorbs water and increases survivability.

Good news all round. A great use for new tech. An added benefit in new means of reforestation. Bravo!

One thought on “Good News for Reforestation

  1. McLeod says:

    The U.S. Forest Service announced this week that the number of acres burned on national forests in 2020 was the most since 1910.
    As of December 18, 181,234 acres have been reported burned this year in Alaska and 10,069,213 in the other 49 states. In looking at the records from 1985 to 2020 for the lower 49 states, that was the highest total.
    The largest fire in 2020 was larger than a million acres and qualifying as “gigafire”, was the 1,032,648-acre August Complex in northern California.

    “California’s First-Ever Gigafire Blazes Through the State, Scorching More Than One Million Acres : Scientists say that hotter and drier conditions resulting from climate change have fueled this record-breaking fire”

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