Brief note for coffee lovers

Starbucks is planning to open 600 new stores in China next year, thus operating 6,000 stores across 230 cities by the end of 2022.
Source: Pandaily newsletter

So, if you’re an American traveling in China, pretty good odds you’ll be able to hook up with your favorite addiction.


4 thoughts on “Brief note for coffee lovers

  1. Joe says:

    Your morning coffee is in a perilous state. There are just two species of coffee plants on which the entire multibillion-dollar industry is based: One of them is considered poor-tasting, and the other, which you’re likely familiar with, is threatened by climate change and a deadly fungal disease.
    Thankfully there’s another kind of coffee out there, known as stenophylla. It has a higher heat tolerance, greater resistance to certain fungal pathogens, and it tastes great. There’s just one problem: It’s incredibly rare, and until recently, scientists believed it was extinct.
    Stenophylla is just one of dozens of important foods that are threatened with extinction, according to Dan Saladino, a BBC journalist and author of the new book “Eating to Extinction: The World’s Rarest Foods and Why We Need to Save Them”.

  2. Supply and Demand says:

    Traders are diverting coffee shipments that were initially expected to go to Russia, and some have stopped selling to that market altogether, attendees at a U.S. coffee conference said.
    Although food trade is not included in sanctions imposed on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, difficulties in processing payments from Russian importers and concerns about the safety of ships in the Black Sea have cut shipments of coffee and other goods to the country. Read full story
    Russia, which calls its actions in Ukraine a “special operation,” is among the five largest coffee importers in the world. Consumers in Russia are hoarding food due to worries that supermarkets will run out of supplies.
    Coffee prices have surged more than 20% in Russia due to higher costs, broker HedgePoint said last week. The brokerage estimates that the ongoing war in Ukraine will lead to demand reduction of around 1.3 million 60-kg bags.
    European food trader Marex sees the hit to coffee demand higher, at around 1.8 million bags.

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