Put a Faraday Cage over your wifi router and try to find the Web on your laptop!

Conspiracy theorists are buying shields for their Wi-Fi routers in the hopes of blocking what they believe to be deadly 5G signals in their homes.

But there’s just one problem: customers seem to be unaware that the router shield, which is specifically designed to block electromagnetic frequencies, significantly diminishes their Wi-Fi signal strength…

Purchasers of the router shield, however, are confused and dismayed that the item is working as intended. In a series of 1-star reviews, users complained that the reach of their Wi-Fi had been negatively affected.

Routers using a 5ghz signal for your wifi are not – repeat ARE NOT – using 5G cellular technology, anyway. That only designates 5th generation hardware. Which BTW ain’t going to harm even a butterfly.

5 thoughts on “Put a Faraday Cage over your wifi router and try to find the Web on your laptop!

  1. nicknielsensc says:

    Y’know, if I were the type of person who would take advantage of the people who believe this kind of shit, I could have retired VERY comfortably 30 years ago.

  2. Mark says:

    Need to start a trend where you poke out your own eyes to protect yourself from the dangerous visible light. After all, its a higher frequency and therefore irradiates you more than the lower frequency 5G.

    I reckon there might be a few takers among the ‘stop the steal’ crowd.

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