Luxury Style “Doomsday Preppers”

Everyone needs macaroni and cheese with a 25-year shelf life

This was the year that coronavirus fears turned American shoppers into hoarders. There have been widespread shortages on products like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and flour as people prepared for the long stretches of isolation that have become commonplace during the pandemic.

But for one segment of the population, preparing for the worst was a way of life even before the pandemic. “Preppers” or “survivalists,” as they’re known, have been around for years, buying elaborate survival kits, yearlong supplies of nonperishable foods and even elaborate underground bunkers.

Clyde Scott’s Rising S company, for instance, makes an $8.4 million bunker from its Luxury Series, called “The Aristocrat.” The bunker can sleep more than m 50 people and it features a fitness center, gaming rooms, swimming pool, gun range and a greenhouse. The company also makes a mini-bunker that’s eight-by-five-feet for $39,500…

There are Doomsday Preppers and Luxury Doomsday Preppers. Just like our class society. Working class and hardly-ever-working class inhabit opposite ends of the income scale. The daffiest by far I find at the luxury end of the scale. Folks who are consumed by fear of imminent disaster may inhabit both populations; but, having a luxury budget makes for differentiation in survivalist lifestyle, as well as in posh gated communities and at your friendly neighborhood Ferrari dealership.

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