Want to blow up a Trump casino?

Mark Makela/Getty

Atlantic City is giving people the chance to bid on imploding President Trump’s former casino in February. The Trump Plaza casino has been empty and deteriorating for the last six years.

Mr. Trump opened the casino in 1984, but it was closed in 2014 and fell into a state of disrepair. Bodnar’s Auction, the auction house collecting bids for the planned implosion, labeled the experience to push the button and demolish the building as a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

All of proceeds from the auction will go to the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City. The city’s mayor hopes it can raise more than $1 million with the stunt…”I think it’s extremely important that we do something worthwhile,” Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. said.

Wonder how much higher the bids would go if we could get Trump to reprise the Cagney role at the end of White Heat?

Post-Pandemic travel survey

Post-pandemic traveling: A new poll shows that just over half of Americans (53%) say they will travel more to see loved ones they did not see during the pandemic compared to nearly half of Americans who say they will travel less because they are cautious of being exposed to other people after the pandemic is under control. That’s according to the survey of 2,200 adults by National Geographic and Morning Consult. The survey (highlights below) also found 1 in 3 respondents expect to travel more to make up for not traveling as much during the pandemic.

Considering future travels, the poll found that Americans would feel safer traveling to wilderness areas, such as state parks (42%) compared to urban areas (22%). Curiously, people age 35–44 favored urban areas, but all other age groups opted for the wilderness. Americans also consider familiar places, such as destinations they have traveled before or which regularly host tourists (47%) safer than unfamiliar places, such as off-the-beaten path or remote destinations (19%). Men responded by a 7% margin over women that they would feel safer in familiar places. Based on income, more affluent respondents were even more likely to opt for familiar places over remote destinations.

The sort of permanent lockdown experienced during this pandemic hasn’t changed our family lifestyle at all. We’re stay-at-homes, anyway. Go to town (usually) once a week, shopping. That’s it. Retirees.

Younger days, I wandered the Western World fairly thoroughly. Eastern Canada (visiting kin), bits and pieces of the GOUSA, Scotland, the Highlands and the Hebrides, most of Europe from France to Poland. Mostly on foot or a bicycle. I’m pretty happy doing my traveling, nowadays, online.