Was the Nashville Bomber just another 5G nutter?

Mark Humphrey/AP

Click on the image to hear the last recording from the parked van

Authorities in Tennessee on Sunday named a 63-year-old Nashville resident as the perpetrator of the Christmas morning bombing that injured three people and destroyed sections of the city’s historic downtown.

Anthony Quinn Warner, an information technology contractor from the south eastern suburb of Antioch, instigated and was killed in the explosion, according to law enforcement sources at an evening press briefing…

Steve Fridrich, a realtor who contacted the FBI after hearing the man’s name on a news bulletin, told WSMV that federal agents had asked him if Warner had a paranoia about 5G technology.

Promoted by the rightwing cult movement QAnon, among others, the conspiracy theory makes wild claims about 5G, the next generation technology that delivers high speed internet access to mobile phone networks. As well as believing 5G is a spying tool of the deep state, theorists claim the technology causes cancer and helps spread coronavirus.

If you believe this kind of crap…and you’re capable of criminal acts like setting off a really big bomb in your downtown neighborhood…whoop-de-doo! There goes another Trump voter off the electoral rolls.

4 thoughts on “Was the Nashville Bomber just another 5G nutter?

  1. A quiet man says:

    “Law enforcement and intelligence agencies warned in May of this year about escalating threats targeting 5G communications infrastructure, a possible motive now being considered by investigators looking into the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville, according to government documents reviewed by Yahoo News.” https://www.yahoo.com/now/law-enforcement-warned-about-5-g-conspiracy-theories-months-before-nashville-bombing-204429768.html
    “A May 14 Joint Intelligence Bulletin produced by the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center warns of social media posts calling on people to “target critical infrastructure including cell towers, locations associated with the electric power grid, and other sites associated with perceived impending government action against citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic” and referring to past attacks in Europe and the United States on cell towers.”

    May 14, 2020 Joint Intelligence Bulletin (click to enlarge):

  2. Plain insane says:

    “Nashville Bomber Subscribed to Conspiracy Theories About Sept. 11th, Lizard People, and the Moon Landing” https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/nashville-bomber-subscribed-to-conspiracy-theories-about-sept-11th-lizard-people-and-the-moon-landing/
    “…Authorities do not currently believe his conspiratorial beliefs are directly related to the motive for his Christmas Day suicide bombing and are reportedly still struggling to come up with a good explanation.”

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