Tech Companies moving to Non-Localized wages

Tech workers and employers alike are beginning to question location-focused pay scales. A handful of companies are moving to abandon them altogether.

In setting pay without regard for location, tech companies including Reddit Inc. and Zillow Group Inc. are making a potentially expensive gamble to retain talent and gain a hiring edge. The move can entail maintaining relatively high salaries of employees who are relocating, and adopting a revised scale for new hires. Though it is early, the move challenges a long-held, but not universal, notion that where people live should determine what they make…

Zillow, the Seattle-based real-estate search firm, told its 5,600 employees in October that if they chose to relocate from their current city, their pay wouldn’t be adjusted. “We’re not making this change to save money,” said Dan Spaulding, chief people officer of Zillow. “We’re making this change to retain our employees.”…

“If people think the world is going to snap back to where it was 18 months after the pandemic starts, I don’t think that’s realistic,” said Mr. Spaulding. “Your best talent is going to have options coming out of this.”


4 thoughts on “Tech Companies moving to Non-Localized wages

  1. Global Administrator says:

    “I looked at all the ways Microsoft Teams tracks users and my head is spinning”
    Working from home? Teams hoovers up all your chats, voicemails, shared meetings, files, transcriptions and your profile details including your email address and phone number.
    “A consequence of the novel coronavirus is that companies want to monitor employees more closely and more intimately. Where does it end?”
    Take away: If you work for a company assume no privacy.
    Never put anything in text that you wouldn’t want read back to you during a court deposition.

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