Trump continues to attack moderate Republicans

Same As It Ever Was, SAME AS IT EVER WAS…

President Donald Trump is spending his final days in office attacking leadership within his own party, this time the second-highest ranking Republican in the Senate, offering a possible preview of his broader post-presidential strategy to use his influence in the 2022 midterm elections and beyond…

The President returned to Washington ahead of the January 6 event, when as many as 140 House Republicans, joined by at least one senator, Missouri Republican Josh Hawley, could vote to throw out electoral votes in key swing states Trump lost…

The [Fake] President has raised hundreds of millions of dollars since the November 3 election, a majority of which goes directly to a new fundraising leadership PAC, Save America, that is expected to aide him in donating to other candidates and political pursuits as he considers a potential presidential bid in 2024.

…Trump is already planting the idea that he would support candidates offering primary challenges to current House and Senate Republicans he sees as disloyal.

Trump and the scumbags aiding his takeover will have few problems setting-up an opposition Fascist Party to split the existing Republican Party…if he can’t maintain control of the original. No reason other than convenience in his propaganda wars to keep the old party. They’ll come up with some red-white-and-blue theme. God will be on their side.

I imagine serious discussions over armbands have already started.

17 thoughts on “Trump continues to attack moderate Republicans

  1. Exit stage right... says:

    “Presidential son Eric Trump issued a threat on Tuesday night to House and Senate Republicans who refuse to join his father’s last-ditch effort to overthrow President-elect Joe Biden’s decisive victory”
    “Tomorrow’s gonna tell you a lot about the country,” Eric Trump told pro-Trump Fox News host Sean Hannity. “Because I can tell you, Sean, any senator or any congressman that does not—meaning on this side—that does not fight tomorrow, their political career is over. Because the MAGA movement is going nowhere!”
    “They will get primaried next time around. And they will lose if they don’t stand up and show some backbone, and show some conviction,” he said.
    The president’s kid later took to Twitter to double down on his promise to campaign against Republicans who won’t object to Biden’s election victory.”

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