No armbands, this time. CAPS!

“This generation’s KKK hood”

Has there ever been a piece of headwear as contentious as the Make America Great Again cap? Not since burning bras, hijabs, miniskirts, hoodies, and baggie jeans has fashion ever been so political. But the MAGA hat beats them all for the visceral hatred it both symbolises and inspires…

One of the world’s leading black fashion critics, Robin Givhan of the Washington Post wrote…”The hat has become a symbol of us vs. them, of exclusion and suspicion, of garrulous narcissism, of white male privilege, of violence and hate. For minorities and the disenfranchised, it can spark a kind of gut-level disgust that brings ancestral ghosts to the fore.”

There’s no way post-modern #merch way to wear this thing. It exists in a category of one; fascist fast fashion which does what it says on the tin: mark the wearer out as a loud and proud racist bigot.

That includes all the rationales and excuses from the wearers who know damned well what this cap and its scumbag iconography stands for. Understanding the criminal intent of the slogan is just another reason to pretend the public lies are what they really identify with.

6 thoughts on “No armbands, this time. CAPS!

  1. Santayana says:

    “Neo-Nazis, QAnon and Camp Auschwitz: A guide to the hate symbols and signs on display at the Capitol riots”

    The attack on the Capitol also coincided with Freshman Rep. Mary Miller (R-Ill) praising Hitler during a “Moms for America Saving the Republic” rally outside the Capitol on Tuesday.

      • p/s says:

        “After photos emerged on social media of a truck in Alaska bearing the vanity license plate “3REICH,” many lawmakers were quick to condemn the phrase, a reference to Nazi Germany.
        But not Jamie Allard. The Anchorage Assembly member, who also sits on a state commission that investigates discrimination complaints, insisted that the personalized message on the plate was a benign translation from German of the word “realm.”
        “If you speak the language fluently, you would know that [is] the English definition of the word,” she wrote on her official Facebook page, which is no longer online. “The progressives have put a spin on it and created their own definition.”
        Allard has now faced the consequences after doubling down on her post. On Tuesday, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R) removed her from the state’s human rights commission.”

        Also “if you speak the language fluently”, you know that ‘Sieg Heil’ in English is ‘Hail Victory’ and ‘Abrechnung mit den Juden’ translates to ‘the settling of accounts with the Jews’, IE: the removal of Jews from the German economy and society, eventually leading to their extermination in The Holocaust.

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