Black newborns are more likely to survive when delivered by Black doctors. Hmm…

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Rachel Hardeman, a reproductive health equity researcher, has dealt with racism and its harmful impact on the health of Black Americans throughout her career. However, she is particularly distressed by the disproportionately high mortality rates for Black babies, Washington Post reports.

Searching for the causes of the high death rates, Hardeman, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, and three other researchers examined the records of 1.8 million Florida hospital births between 1992 and 2015 looking for clues.

What stuck out was a startling statistic. Although Black newborns are three times as likely to die as white newborns, when Black babies are delivered by Black doctors, their mortality rate is cut in half.

“It is the first empirical evidence to describe the impact of the physician’s race on an outcome such as infant mortality,” Hardeman says.

Please, RTFA! Not only a groundbreaking study. Frightening, in and of itself. Researchers didn’t really find any parallels. Read the article and reflect.

One thought on “Black newborns are more likely to survive when delivered by Black doctors. Hmm…

  1. nicknielsensc says:

    There’s an attitude I first encountered on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, when I was stationed at Keesler AFB, MS, for school. I was sitting on the seawall watching some children (yes, black) running and playing, and I laughed at something they did. A man about a dozen feet away said, “You won’t be laughing when they grow up.” I asked him what he meant by that. His response was, “Nits breed lice.” That was in 1975.

    Given the health and treatment results for black and minorities in other specialties, even today, I suspect the attitude still prevails, even subconsciously, throughout the U.S. medical system.

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