Among the Insurrectionists

By Luke Mogelson

Balazs Gardi for The New Yorker

By the end of President Donald Trump’s crusade against American democracy—after a relentless deployment of propaganda, demagoguery, intimidation, and fearmongering aimed at persuading as many Americans as possible to repudiate their country’s foundational principles—a single word sufficed to nudge his most fanatical supporters into open insurrection. Thousands of them had assembled on the Mall, in Washington, D.C., on the morning of January 6th, to hear Trump address them from a stage outside the White House. From where I stood, at the foot of the Washington Monument, you had to strain to see his image on a jumbotron that had been set up on Constitution Avenue. His voice, however, projected clearly through powerful speakers as he rehashed the debunked allegations of massive fraud which he’d been propagating for months. Then he summarized the supposed crimes, simply, as “bullshit.”

This is Luke Mogelson’s story, published in THENEWYORKER. Click on the link in the first paragraph of his story. Read the article, a tale of woe, of ignorance, of racism and bigotry.

11 thoughts on “Among the Insurrectionists

  1. 4therecord says:

    “They stormed the Capitol to overturn the results of an election they didn’t vote in”
    Many involved in the insurrection professed to be motivated by patriotism, falsely declaring that Trump was the rightful winner of the election. Yet at least eight of the people who are now facing criminal charges for their involvement in the events at the Capitol did not vote in the November 2020 presidential election, according to an analysis of voting records from the states where protestors were arrested and those states where public records show they have lived. They came from states around the country and ranged in age from 21 to 65.

  2. Update says:

    Despite continuing crackdown on insurrectionists, right-wing threats against Congress mount
    U.S. Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolton told a congressional committee on Monday that the agency was not equipped to handle the flow of intelligence ahead of the Jan. 6 attack on the complex, and the Capitol Police deficiencies revealed by the riot must be addressed to transform the department from its reactionary stance to a protective agency.
    The United States Capitol Police (USCP) Response to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) Report #3

  3. Inside job says:

    “New Details Suggest Senior Trump Aides Knew Jan. 6 Rally Could Get Chaotic : Text messages and interviews show that Stop the Steal leaders fooled the Capitol police and welcomed racists to increase their crowd sizes, while White House officials worked to both contain and appease them.”
    “ProPublica has obtained new details about the Trump White House’s knowledge of the gathering storm, after interviewing more than 50 people involved in the events of Jan. 6 and reviewing months of private correspondence. Taken together, these accounts suggest that senior Trump aides had been warned the Jan. 6 events could turn chaotic, with tens of thousands of people potentially overwhelming ill-prepared law enforcement officials.
    Rather than trying to halt the march, Trump and his allies accommodated its leaders, according to text messages and interviews with Republican operatives and officials.
    The record of what White House officials knew about Jan. 6 and when they knew it remains incomplete. Key officials, including White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, declined to be interviewed for this story.”

  4. p/s says:

    Trump-appointed judge rejects US Capitol rioter’s claim he was ‘selectively charged’ because he supports Trump
    Capitol rioter accompanied members of Congress on trip to US-Mexico border
    ‘I need a drink’ after Republican talks, says officer beaten in Capitol attack

  5. Santayana says:

    Republicans’ effort to deny the Capitol attack is working – and it’s dangerous. Six months on, as politicians and the rightwing media downplay the attack or shift the blame, fears of a replay grow.
    The FBI is still searching for 100s of Capitol rioters 6 months after Jan. 6 insurrection

  6. Puzzling Evidence says:

    An attorney known for his legal representation of controversial right-wing figures, including Kyle Rittenhouse and multiple Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol, has mysteriously disappeared amid rumors he may be gravely ill with Covid-19, leaving 17 accused Jan. 6 rioters “effectively without legal counsel,” according to a Monday court filing.
    According to the filing, an associate from Pierce’s law firm has been appearing in his place at court hearings and meetings with the government for “roughly the past week,” but “cannot ethically or legally represent Mr. Pierce’s client” as he is not a licensed attorney (he is also under indictment in two criminal cases in Pennsylvania for alleged fraud and falsified court documents).
    United States District Court For The District Of Columbia : Notice Regarding Defense Counsel John Pierce, Esq.

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