1st non-human primate in the GOUSA infected with COVID-19

A gorilla at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California has recovered from Covid-19 after receiving monoclonal antibody therapy and other treatments.

Winston, an elderly silverback gorilla, and eight other gorilla troop members tested positive for the virus earlier this month after showing symptoms of “mild coughing, congestion, nasal discharge and intermittent lethargy,” the zoo said. The gorillas were suspected to have been infected by an asymptomatic staff member…

From a supply not permitted for human use, Winston received monoclonal antibody therapy, heart medications and antibiotics…”Treatment with these synthetic versions of the body’s natural defenses is thought to be effective in diminishing effects from the virus,” the zoo said in its news release. “The veterinary team who treated Winston believe the antibodies may have contributed to his ability to overcome the virus.”

Monoclonal antibody treatments that are used to treat humans have been shown to reduce viral load and lower a person’s risk of hospitalization and even death. Unlike a vaccine that takes a few weeks to work, antibody treatments work right away.

One thought on “1st non-human primate in the GOUSA infected with COVID-19

  1. Zaius says:

    Florida Governor DeSantis, conservatives erupt over FDA pulling monoclonal antibodies shown to be ineffective against omicron https://news.yahoo.com/desantis-conservatives-erupt-over-fda-200146807.html
    The Food and Drug Administration announced Monday that it would halt emergency-use authorizations for two monoclonal antibody therapies, one made by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and one by Eli Lilly. At least with these monoclonal antibodies, unlike hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, there was evidence they were once quite effective; that’s just not the situation we find ourselves in at this point.
    The FDA decision has led to a vehement outcry from some on the right, including the Republican who has most forcefully promoted monoclonal antibodies: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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