Will the (electric) future be made in America?

President Joe Biden said Monday the U.S. government would replace the entire federal fleet of cars, trucks and SUVs with electric vehicles manufactured in the United States, a commitment tied to a broader campaign promise to create 1 million new jobs in the American auto industry and supply chains…

Biden made the comments prior to signing the Made in America executive order, which places stricter rules on the federal government’s procurement practices. The government has existing “buy American” rules, which states that a certain amount of a product must be made in the U.S. for a purchase to qualify for a federal contract.

The opportunity is a large one. The U.S. government had more than 645,000 vehicles in its fleet in 2019, the most recent data available from the General Services Agency. Of those, about 224,000 are passenger vehicles and more than 412,000 are trucks.

Of course, the conversion to a carbon neutral economy will take steps like this to achieve qualitative change. What to watch, now, is to see who steps up to help…or hinder the change.

Cemetery apologizes for refusing burial of Black deputy sheriff

Brian Tarnowski/Guardian

The family of a Black sheriff’s deputy in Louisiana said a local cemetery declined to bury his body after he died last week due to a “whites only” policy…

Oaklin Springs cemetery confirmed to local station KPLC on Wednesday that a contract from the 1950s mentions “the right of burial of the remains of white human beings”…

The cemetery is located in Allen Parish, Louisiana – where nearly a quarter of residents are Black.

RTFA. It comes out mostly OK. Yup, I wouldn’t want to be found dead in that cemetery, either.