GOP is a death cult!

It is now long past time to cast off highfalutin’ Latinisms and simply call the Republicans and their religious and secular conservative allies what they are, and in unadorned English: a death cult. As the country reels from the coronavirus pandemic, our national government might just as well be run by the infamous People’s Temple of Jonestown.

By now we are benumbed by the all-pervasive arguments over relaxing workplace shutdowns and stay-at-home orders due to coronavirus. In any sane society, the issue would be how to institute the most efficient measures to defeat the pandemic in the shortest time and with the lowest loss of life. Instead, Trump and his merry band of lunatics have hijacked the national debate into a faux-serious discussion of when, oh, please, how soon, can we “reopen the economy?” Naturally, the media gamely continue to play along with this calculated bit of dezinformatsiya…

There is no longer the slightest doubt in any sane person’s mind that not only are the GOP’s fundamentalist-extremist religious allies a death cult disguised as 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organizations. The whole extremely well-funded edifice of “economic conservatism” is equally a death cult, worshiping Mammon so fervently that it is eager to make human sacrifice upon its altar, just like the Mayans and Carthaginians.

Let those of us who do not accept the joining of Mammon and phony bishops like Trump, sit back and watch this medieval beast devour itself, starting from the tail, again and again.

10 thoughts on “GOP is a death cult!

  1. Mark says:

    The extreme right are a bunch of arseholes who are proud of being arseholes and are fighting for the right to be arseholes.

    The extreme left are a bunch of arseholes who are in denial about being arseholes and are fighting to make being an arsehole illegal.

    Yet both of these groups get all the press and control the bi-polar mainstream discourse because its SELLS.

    • Hope says:

      “Nihilism is a natural consequence of a culture (or civilization) ruled and regulated by categories that mask manipulation, mastery and domination of peoples and nature.”
      Cornel West, The Cornel West Reader (1999)

  2. Update says:

    The Tennessee state government on Monday fired its top vaccination official, becoming the latest of about two dozen states to lose years of institutional knowledge about vaccines in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
    The termination comes as the virus shows new signs of spread in Tennessee, and the more-transmissible delta variant surfaces in greater numbers.
    The Donald Trump-fueled descent of the GOP into a party of reality-rejecting, science-denying conspiracy theorists is well-documented, and a growing phenomenon, as the extreme factions of the party overtake or push out the relatively few moderate Republicans remaining. And almost nowhere is the enduring harm of the Trump years more apparent than in the American right’s response to the Covid-19 vaccine. Vaccinations, long rightly heralded as miracles of modern medicine that have saved millions of lives, are suddenly ideologically divisive along party lines.

  3. Chrizzart says:

    ‘You crack me up’: Marjorie Taylor Greene laughs off question about children dying of Covid

    Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest stunt is proof the GOP has become a party of no policy at all

  4. Infectious agents says:

    “5 GOP-led states extend unemployment aid to workers who lose jobs over vaccine mandates
    Critics says the rule changes in Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee are incentivizing people to skip shots, and undermining the White House’s pandemic response.”
    (12/6/21) “Inside the growing alliance between anti-vaccine activists and pro-Trump Republicans”

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