Trump administration was hustled out of million$ for N95 masks that didn’t exist

Rachel Maddow reviews the case of a contractor awarded tens of millions of dollars in contracts with the Trump administration to procure N95 masks without anyone checking into whether he could fulfill that charge (he couldn’t) or even if his claims of having been a U.S. Marine were true (they weren’t).

Trump calls this “due diligence”. Maybe if you’re playing golf with him?

What goes around comes around…

A few other folks on TWITTER questioned whether or not she was qualified to run the office she was elected to. Mostly for jive reasons. So, Juli Briskman responded on that count:

Jaime Primak…also volunteered that Juli Briskman, now on the Local Board of Supervisors, oversees legislation for leisure facilities in her county.

A county which includes Trump’s National Golf Club. 🙂