Is this a brand worth buying?

With extremely rare exception, I watch Fox NOTHING! If they approached reasonable humanity, someday, in the political management of their content, I’d consider changing my attitude. Of course.

There is also no shortage of great sports programming, short fiction, long-form film-making, musical entertainment…you name it…to be found within the multiplicity of channels streaming from watchable sources available damned near everywhere. More than I can keep up with.

So, screw the pricks sucking up advertising dollar$ that benefit the current and future waves of fascist, racist, bigoted ideology that keeps the shit-end of human beings from being as poverty-stricken as their hearts and cruel minds.

6 thoughts on “Is this a brand worth buying?

  1. Achilles heel says:

    “Brand Value: What It Means (Finally) And How To Control It” (Forbes)
    “New Brand Finance Report Sees Apple Reclaim Position as World’s Most Valuable Brand while US Airlines lose US$12 bn in Brand Value”

  2. PIPCO says:

    “The new brand culture model : The value of building a brand driven by culture.”
    (press release): “Aunt Jemima Rebrands As Pearl Milling Company : Iconic Pancake and Syrup Recipe (Re)Introduces Pearl Milling Company, Announces Annual $1 Million Commitment to Uplift Black Girls and Women”
    “Aunt Jemima and other food brands, including Uncle Ben’s, Cream of Wheat, and Mrs. Butterworth’s, announced redesigns amid protests against systemic racism and police brutality in the U.S. last summer. But calls to remove the Aunt Jemima imagery, and others like it, were made long before companies acquiesced to public pressure last year.”

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