Fireflies in a bamboo forest

In the summer of 2019, Daniel Kordan was shooting in a remote location on Kyushu, the third-largest island of Japan’s five main islands, and he was treated to quite an experience.

“They call them hime hotaru in Japan – synchronous fireflies,” Kordan tells PetaPixel. “At this remote location of Kyushu island, we saw a really crazy amount of them.

“At a certain moment when your eyes get used to dark ambient light you see the whole forest is blinking synchronously like a Christmas tree! It’s like a big wave of stars going up and down in the deep bamboo forest.”

Click through to the article at PetaPixel and enjoy more about Kordan’s firefly adventure on the island of Kyushu. You’ll also find links to his work on other sites including his website and INSTAGRAM.

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