Deepfakes can be Deep Nostaligia

My Heritage

The Deep Nostalgia service, offered by online genealogy company MyHeritage, uses AI licensed from D-ID to create the effect that a still photo is moving. It’s kinda like the iOS Live Photos feature, which adds a few seconds of video to help smartphone photographers find the best shot.

But Deep Nostalgia can take photos from any camera and bring them to “life.” The program uses pre-recorded driver videos of facial movements and applies the one that works best for the still photo in question. Its intended purpose is to allow you to upload photos of deceased loved ones and see them in “action,” which seems like a lovely idea.

…You can upload five photos for free to the MyHeritage website for Deep Nostalgia treatment, after that you have to register for a paid account.

As I’ve already mentioned, nostalgia, creative work, fun or serious, all have a use for this sort of deepfake software. Be ready for the loonies!

Women are more likely to donate to charities than men of equal means

…Major donors, people who give away massive sums of money, are becoming more diverse. More are women and 50 years old or younger…As scholars of how women give and global philanthropy, we’ve learned that women overall are more likely to give, and give more, than men, and these differences can be seen in a variety of ways.

Gender differences in giving are especially notable among single women and single men. Holding factors like income and wealth constant, about 51% of single women indicated they would give to charity, compared with 41% of single men. Women are also more likely than men to give to charity as their income rises…

Women also show a greater preference for collective giving and other collaborative charitable efforts than men. Most people who take part in giving circles are women.

Interesting article. Worth the read not only within the topic; but, other related avenues leading to the same questions.