Sad But True

Music has always been part of my life. I became a student of classical piano when I was 5 years old. When I was 13, I switched to jazz trombone. My piano instructor never spoke to me, again.

7 or 8 years later, I picked up on strings…finalizing taste; but, not style, with a 12-string guitar. And singing. I loved it…loved performing. By then, I already had stage presence from performances of poetry and jazz. My poetry and a band I drove nuts because the music I heard in my head behind my poetry was Monk. Thelonius, that is. The band I presented with most often liked Monk; but, never played his music, his style. One more reason I had to make my own music.

I enjoyed about 17 years, singing and playing. This is all in aid of explaining my devotion to music. That’s all. I stopped performing. Nothing especially interesting about that. My love of all (well, almost all) forms, styles, traditions in music never stopped.

Have to say, in general, I can relate, feel a kinship with being driven in a performance. Being wholly immersed in performing. This is a song I would have loved 20 or 30 years before it was written. Yes, singing and playing unaccompanied 12-string.