Port backups force retailers to switch to air freight for imported goods

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

The combination of a record number of containers arriving at the Port of Los Angeles — the busiest container port in the Western Hemisphere due to its proximity to Asia — and Covid-19 is slowing down imports to the U.S…

The congestion at ports has some companies forgoing maritime shipping in favor of airfreight to get popular or seasonal items on store shelves faster. Air rates are more expensive than shipping via ocean freight, but they’ve been dropping in recent months, according to online international freight marketplace Freightos…

Matt Castle, vice president of airfreight products and services at C.H. Robinson…said. “One of the things I never thought we would see being moved by air was vacuum cleaners. It’s a hot item now with so many people at home.”

RTFA. This is affecting your life whether you approve or not. Those retailers who aren’t pressed for time-sensitive economic decisions are eating the cost of air freight. Some retailers won’t. They’ll pass it along to their consumers.

Do your homework before you buy!