Biden’s “AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN” rescues more than our health


Perhaps the most surprising element of President Joe Biden’s first presidential speech on Thursday night was what it did not include…Yet there is no doubt that the political implications of his plan have the potential to be nothing less than radical…

There’s the tax credit for children that in effect provides thousands of dollars a year for each child—an idea that’s been debated since Daniel Moynihan proposed it as a member of the Nixon administration. There’s the significant expansion of subsidies to buy into health care, along with months’ worth of free access to health insurance for those who’ve lost their jobs and health insurance—not “socialized medicine,” but a significant step toward more public underwriting of health care. And there’s an $86 billion commitment to protect the pensions of a million retirees whose multi-employer plans were in danger of insolvency—without even a pretense that this is linked to the Covid pandemic…

Overdue, of course. Most Western democracies have moved towards, often beyond, the pillars of this qualitative legislation. They marched forward at the end of the war against Nazi fascism. Not only to rebuild; but, advance new and greater standards of life and freedom. That’s a different piece of history this article needn’t address.

I have to wonder how soon – and how well – the “average American” will come to understand benefits like these. The battle yet to rage shall rollout ancient ideology from the Right. Fear and trembling unto death, no doubt. I have to wonder how much courage, backbone and strategic understanding will come to stand up for all of us. Not from the Left…what there is in the GOUSA…but, from the Democrats own party.

“The times they are a’changing” – I hope.