Skateboarding in the Navajo Nation

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I lived for a while in the Navajo Nation 30 years ago. Not many skateboards back then would have survived dirt trails. The only paved spots apart from roads – where you didn’t get hollered at – was a parking lot at one of the Basha’s Supermarkets several places around the Res.

Me? I was terrible on a skateboard. I stuck to my mountain bike.

One thought on “Skateboarding in the Navajo Nation

  1. Bilagáana says:

    “In 2019, the New York Times’ Michael Powell had the book “Canyon Dreams” published. It told the story of the Chinle High men’s basketball team and illustrated how important the sport was to the community and the broader Navajo Nation.
    Now, Powell’s book is going Hollywood. Or at least a little bit.
    It’s being called the inspiration for the upcoming Netflix film, “Rez Ball” — with one of the producers being NBA legend LeBron James.”
    In 2019 Netflix did a documentary television series called “Basketball or Nothing” that followed the Chinle high school basketball team.
    The team plays what they describe as Rezball, a faster and looser style of basketball to make up for the fact that Navajo men aren’t usually very tall, according to one of the students in the series.
    Co-director Matt Howley, who created the series, said that a feature on the head coach Raul Mendoza that ran in the New York Times in 2017 inspired him to look further into Chinle High School’s basketball team and Rezball.
    ‘Basketball or Nothing’ Official Trailer

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