KKK child meets a Black cop

I sincerely hope this little child grew up into a smart, well-educated adult. Successful in all the ways understood as meaningful in a modern society. I don’t think it’s a contemporary photo…although in the Solid South, it wouldn’t be out of place, today.

I wonder if they forgave their parents for being bigots?

4 thoughts on “KKK child meets a Black cop

    • Mark says:

      Great photo. Speaks volumes about race relations.

      According to Critical Race Theory, white folk are actually born racist. A white baby benefits from white supremacist privilege and is therefore implicitly a racist and white supremacist. Presumably that child can atone in later life by joining Antifa and/or rabidly cancelling anyone and everyone who disagrees with CRT, but I suspect one is branded a racist by the colour of their skin. Its the irony that just keeps on giving.

      CRT is the biggest pseudo-intellectual fraud perpetrated on the public that I can remember. Shocking just how many intelligent people have bought into this steaming pile of horse biscuits, mostly through guilt and/or fear of losing their jobs in educational faculties where the CRT knuckleheads are punching above their weight.

      The biggest crime, however, is that they are making me agree more and more with right-wingers with whom I have little else in common.

      • eideard says:

        Admittedly, I’ve not been active as younger days;but, if I was…no doubt I’d be co-chair of local Antifa. Still have a couple scars from attacking fascist-minded coppers and creeps with my skull instead of my brain. :-]

        Guess I don’t study enough “education” types either. Seeing your comment, I can only vaguely recall these types and this blather. Remember discussing it years ago with a very few ivory tower types. About all the serious rightwingers here discuss nowadays is how to stop Black folks and anyone else from voting access…and who builds the better AR15. Generally, Sturm-Ruger…if you are a gun gearhead.

  1. Mark says:

    Its a noble occupation (pastime?) giving fascists a taste of their own medicine, and I approve of busting the noggins of creeps. I have no love for the police (especially the friggen highway patrol) and over here they are a disgustingly racist bunch, but police are a necessary evil that needs reform, not abolition.

    The CRT fuckwits are deeply embedded into the education system and burrowing in more every day. Take a deep dive into what happened at Evergreen College for a taste of what happens when the lunatics start running the asylum and a spineless administration just hands over the keys. I don’t blame the students so much, as they are just angry and naive kids (as we all once were), but the adult educators should know better.

    There a former employee of Evergreen called Benjamin Boyce, who has documented the whole Evergreen clusterfuck on Ewe-Tube. He’s a bit of a dick and has styled himself as a sort of lame anti-woke crusader, but fortunately the documentation is mostly recorded footage from various sources and he refrains from editorialising for the most part. Fascinating but gets a little tedious after the eleventy billionth episode.

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