How much does your state contribute to the GOUSA GDP?

And do you care a rat’s-ass-worth?

Aside from my smartass remark … the graphic was copied from a genuinely useful website named THE BIG PICTURE. Owned and run by Barry Ritholtz, a financial adviser with a conscience and a fey sense of humor.

5 thoughts on “How much does your state contribute to the GOUSA GDP?

  1. renxkyoko says:

    I care. ! I’m from California. Calfornians are made fun of and disrespected for being Hollywoodish and too liberal. ” Doood , where’s your car?” But we contribute the most to US GDP. And California is the 5th richest ” country ” in the world, replacing France who’s now in 6th.

    • moss says:

      Just a seat of the pants response: add to the status of California that #2, Texas, probably derives a big portion of their position from extractive industries, oil and gas. California is actually working at being a modern industrial state alongside the many creative established qualities that make #1.

  2. Nicole Bridle says:

    What this doesn’t take into account is the amount of a state’s GDP is derived from folks in other states. E.g., the financial institutions in NY, big tech in CA, petroleum in TX.

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