Judge orders Minnesota coppers to stop using chemical weapons on the press … this followed!

AFP photo journalist Eléonore Sens and another member of the press is maced by Minnesota Police after an unlawful assembly is declared in Brooklyn Center, MN

Journalists covering a protest in a Minneapolis suburb Friday night were forced on their stomachs by law enforcement, rounded up and were only released after having their face and press credentials photographed.

The incident occurred hours after a judge issued a temporary order barring the Minnesota State Patrol from using physical force or chemical agents against journalists, according to court documents. It also barred police from seizing photographic, audio or video recording equipment, or press passes.

We’ve returned to a time and circumstances where calling coppers like these “PIGS” is appropriate. Unless you think “FASCIST SCUM” is more accurate. (Not wasting time or space on a poll)

Our constitution and Bill of Rights protects journalists and a free press … not criminals in blue uniforms!

Feds file suit against Roger Stone for unpaid taxes

The Department of Justice filed a civil lawsuit on Friday against Roger Stone, the longtime GOP political operative and ally to former President Trump, accusing him of owing the government about $2 million in unpaid federal income taxes…

In a federal district court in Florida, the Justice Department alleged Friday that Stone and his wife Nydia used a limited liability corporation called Drake Ventures to “receive payments that are payable to Roger Stone personally, pay their personal expenses, shield their assets, and avoid reporting taxable income to the IRS…”

The Justice Department alleges that after Stone was criminally charged in January 2019, he and his wife used Drake Venture funds to purchase their home in Broward County, Fla., and registered it under another entity. According to the lawsuit, the couple was in “substantial debt” to the IRS at the time of purchase.

In a statement Friday night, Stone dismissed the Justice Department’s allegations as a political attack on him and his family.

If there’s anything Stone should be expert about it’s political attacks. Though, like Trump, Stone believes he is above the law.