World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm

…More than four years after AeroFarms planted the first seed at their global headquarters, new life has indeed arrived in the city’s Ironbound neighborhood – nearly two million pounds of it. That’s the amount of leafy greens that sprout every year at 212 Rome Street, where an enormous, 70,000 square foot facility houses the “largest indoor vertical farm in the world.”

AeroFarms … has continued to turn heads with its cutting-edge setup at its flagship facility, where a closed-loop, aeroponic water circulation system uses 95 percent less water than field farmed-food, yet yields a whopping 390 times higher per square foot. Since it’s much easier to control the environment indoors, the company is also able to avoid using pesticides on its crops, which include watercress, arugula and kale.

RTFA. A great article, generating hope for someone like me … who would love to have access to a year-round supply of affordable arugula. My Italian-American mom’s favorite green veg.

6 thoughts on “World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm

  1. Mark says:

    No mention of the carbon footprint of all those lights. Would be interested to know how expensive it is to run.

    Some would say that the carbon generated by running the lights is just plant food, so win-win I guess.

    • eideard says:

      No detailed search; but, those lights are shaped like incandescent or fluorescent tube – not so … LEDs.

      Did find output per square foot of veggies by the pound versus field farming. Over one year, 390X production by weight. Phew! That’s a lotta arugula … :-]

      • Mark says:

        The article says LEDs. This means about a 50% reduction in power usage over traditional grow lights, which is a huge saving on a garden of this scale. As you say, the yield might outweigh the power usage. I wonder what the cost is per weight compared to outdoor farming.

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