After defeat, Trần Tố Nga vows to continue fight for justice for victims of Agent Orange in VietNam

Sarah Meyssonnier/Reuters

The landmark trial between a 79-year-old Vietnamese-French woman and 14 chemical multinationals was always going to be a David and Goliath legal battle.

Trần Tố Nga has breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart and lung problems, a rare insulin allergy, and other critical illnesses.

In 1966, then a war reporter in Vietnam, she was hiding in an underground tunnel with resistance fighters…When she briefly came out, she was sprayed for the first time by the highly toxic herbicide, known as Agent Orange, used by the US military during the Vietnam War.

Like many other Vietnamese people, she continues to feel its destructive effects and claims she is a victim of the herbicide.

In 2014, Trần filed a lawsuit against the 14 agrochemical firms that manufactured and sold Agent Orange to the US army, including US companies Dow Chemical and Monsanto, now owned by German giant Bayer.

On Monday, May 10, a French court dismissed the case, calling Trần’s complaints “inadmissible”, and saying it did not have the jurisdiction to judge a lawsuit involving the US government’s wartime actions…

“Justice and law do not go together. This was proven today, but sooner or later, it [justice] will come,” Trần told Al Jazeera.

She fights on behalf of the tens of thousands of VietNamese people, combatants and civilians alike, who were victims of the American military and the chemical warfare they used in that futile war. The United States joined the French as they failed in their military repression…extending the VietNamese armed fight for freedom from 10 years to 30-plus. A vain attempt to save the imperial rule of Western nations in Asia.

Biden Approves 1st Major Offshore Wind Energy Project for the USA

Michael Dwyer/AP

The U.S. Interior Department approved the country’s first large-scale offshore wind project Tuesday, a final hurdle that reverses course from the Trump administration and sets the stage for a major shift in the energy landscape.

This “is a significant milestone in our efforts to build a clean and more equitable energy future while addressing the climate emergency,” Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said during a press briefing. She said an expansion of wind energy is critical to President Biden’s ambitious climate goals to make the electricity sector carbon-neutral…

The project is expected to produce enough renewable electricity to power 400,000 Massachusetts homes every year while also saving ratepayers billions of dollars and reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions in the state by about 1.68 million metric tons…

Pederson called Vineyard Wind’s approval “the launch of a new industry.” More than a dozen wind farms are being developed in federal waters off the East Coast, and states along the seaboard are eager for the economic development that could bring.

Now, we’re only 29 years behind Denmark.

That’s not just a snarky remark. That opens the question, “How is it a small nation like Denmark – certainly not wealthier than the United States – becomes a leading example for energy efficiency, long-range savings for its citizens, 29 years before our government gets around to possibly enacting legislation to START OUR FIRST PROJECT?

Denmark, the other Scandinavian countries, all of western Europe is not that dissimilar from the GOUSA. They have liberals and conservatives, their conservatives lie at least as much as the Republican Party, many of their liberals are as chickenshit as the Democrats.

It may be that broadly-speaking their media isn’t as cowardly as ours. But, I doubt if they’re any less profitable. I’m confident their education is broader, deeper, more thorough than the average US education – even though much is premised on an open class divide, sharp and unhidden; but, permitting a better public education than we dare to allow.

I don’t care to waste time nibbling through detailed analyses of who gets the most responsibility for the advances in energy, clean air, a better life … that take place without the participation of the United States … that don’t benefit Americans directly because our elected officials and the parties they “allow” to represent us are a social and economic mediocrity. ‘Nuff said.