Find a dryer sheet in your mailbox?

Mail carriers have always had to contend with a number of unpredictable factors on the job like inclement weather and overeager dogs, but there’s another obstacle you may not have thought of: pesky insects hiding inside your mailbox.

A viral Reddit post recently called attention to this delivery dilemma and suggested an unlikely solution: dryer sheets.

Chris Strickley, the man behind the Reddit post, has been a letter carrier for almost six years and has caused quite a stir after suggesting that a simple dryer sheet can prevent insects like wasps and yellowjackets from nesting inside mailboxes and causing a world of problems for mail carriers…

“I began to see dryer sheets in people’s mailboxes at the start of spring. At first I was confused but just left them in there. Later on, I noticed my supervisor had a box of them on their desk and would see other carriers taking handfuls out. That’s when I finally asked why they were supplying them to us and found out they are a good deterrent for wasps and yellowjackets. Ever since then, they’re a normal part of my spring and summer,” he said.

Strickley explained that wasps and yellowjackets hate the scent of dryer sheets and said whenever he encounters a problematic mailbox that tends to attract the pests, he’ll pop a sheet inside. He also urged people to leave any sheets in their mailbox if they come across one for the sake of their letter carrier.

My father worked for the Post Office for 35+ years. Anything that helps out USPS workers is OK by me.

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