Trump & McConnell wrote the tune for a Republican march backwards on abortion rights

Yuri Gripas/Reuters

Conservatives have been waiting decades for this moment: a transformed Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear an abortion case that directly challenges women’s reproductive rights tracing to the 1973 Roe v. Wade milestone.

And unlike past times when Roe teetered in the balance, this is not a 5-4 court with the potential to suddenly dash the hopes of Republicans and religious conservatives. This is a 6-3 conservative-liberal bench. If one of the GOP appointees suddenly edges left, as happened before, a five-justice right-wing majority would still exist…

And now that the court has decided to reexamine abortion rights, the only question is how far the majority will go to roll back the nearly half-century-old declaration that the constitutional right to privacy covers the decision to end a pregnancy.

In a nation without a state religion, a land where privacy rights are paired with civil rights, we once again face unity between fundamentalist religions and a Republican Party committed to sweeping hypocrisy over legal protections for women’s rights. Neither of which would stand a chance in a historically-neutral Supreme Court.