National Guard left DC, this week

Here’s a surreal milestone you may have missed: The more than 2,000 National Guard troops that have been stationing the Capitol in the aftermath of January’s insurrection have finally left.

The departure comes as Republicans increasingly align themselves, and rather brazenly so, to the very false statements that spurred the deadly attack in the first place. Meanwhile, hopes for a bipartisan commission to investigate the insurrection are looking doomed, thanks to Republicans who presumably don’t have any interest in rehashing just how on earth pro-Trump supporters came to storm the Capitol.

When asked about the GOP insistence to downplay the attack, Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré didn’t mince words. “What I’m afraid of when I hear statements like that,” Honoré told CBS, “is that we have a two-party system that normally would be referred to as the minority party, the opposition, and that scares me. They’ve gone from being a minority party to an opposition party.”

Because the nutball wing of the Republican Party are such idjits – dedicating the efforts of that formerly conservative party to the looney politics of the most recent criminal to occupy the White House – we face the possibility of the National Guard being called out, again, someday to face the next insurrection called for by a fascist-minded gangster. Whether they hold office or not, at the time.

One thought on “National Guard left DC, this week

  1. 4therecord says:

    A federal judge on Wednesday wrote that Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen from him could still inspire some of the former President’s supporters to take up arms, as they did in January during the deadly US Capitol insurrection.
    The judge’s blunt assessment of the current, charged political climate came in a legal decision about a defendant who was drawn to Washington, DC, in January. And it adds to a growing chorus of warnings from the officials most closely weighing the aftermath of the Capitol riot about what the threat level still might be.
    “The steady drumbeat that inspired defendant to take up arms has not faded away; six months later, the canard that the election was stolen is being repeated daily on major news outlets and from the corridors of power in state and federal government, not to mention in the near-daily fulminations of the former President,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the DC District Court wrote in an opinion to keep defendant Cleveland Meredith Jr. in jail because he could endanger the public if released.
    Dresch, like other Trump followers, “stands ready to do it again,” because of a belief that a civil war may be necessary and his allegiance to Trump, who continues to challenge the election, Jackson noted.

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