Arizona sweeps the cobwebs out of their gas chamber – ready to kill prisoners like the “good old days”

The last prison I visited where Arizona-style methods were used

The state of Arizona is preparing to kill death row inmates using hydrogen cyanide, the same lethal gas that was deployed at Auschwitz…

Over the past few months the Republican-controlled state has moved aggressively to restart its deeply flawed execution system. The death penalty has been in abeyance in Arizona for seven years following the gruesomely botched lethal injection of Joseph Wood in 2014…

The Guardian’s documents, obtained through public records requests, show that officials have also gone to considerable lengths to revive the state’s mothballed gas chamber, housed at ASPC-Florence. A series of tests were conducted last August to appraise its “operability”…

Some of the techniques used to test the safety of the chamber were astonishingly primitive, the documents reveal. Prison officials checked for gas seepages with a candle…

Despite Arizona’s best efforts to present its gas chamber as a reputable institution, the horrors of the past hang heavily over it. The Nazis used hydrogen cyanide under the trade name Zyklon B to kill more than 1 million people in gas chambers in Auschwitz and other extermination camps.

No one checked the prison administration for anyone with a heart. Or a brain – for that matter. The sadistic mentality that believes executions serve as a deterrent to capital crimes is beyond understanding. Certainly, beyond sympathy.

2 thoughts on “Arizona sweeps the cobwebs out of their gas chamber – ready to kill prisoners like the “good old days”

  1. State-Sanctioned says:

    Death by burning (also known as immolation) is an execution method involving combustion or exposure to extreme heat. It has a long history as a form of public capital punishment and the best-known execution of this type is burning at the stake, where the condemned is bound to a large wooden stake and a fire lit beneath.

  2. Coup de grâce says:

    The South Carolina Supreme Court on Wednesday halted executions in the state until procedures for its newest method of execution — firing squad — are finalized.
    A law passed in May sought to close a loophole that allowed for inmates on death row to indefinitely postpone their executions as long as drugs required for lethal injection were unavailable.
    South Carolina does not have the drugs needed to perform lethal injections. Under the new law signed last month by Republican Gov. Henry McMaster, inmates must now choose either electrocution or firing squad as their methods of execution.
    South Carolina is the fourth state to allow executions by firing squad, joining Oklahoma, Mississippi and Utah.

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