Swap that “T” for an “F”

Thanks, gocomics.org

Another reason why you’re not required to expect someone who thinks it’s important to spell the word “Democrat” with a capital “D” to care at all about the meaning of the word when it’s spelled with a small “d”.

One thought on “Swap that “T” for an “F”

  1. Update says:

    Joe Manchin’s sweeping new voting rights proposal, explained : The pivotal senator has released a potentially transformative plan to promote fair elections. https://www.vox.com/22537146/joe-manchin-voting-rights-for-the-people-john-lewis-act-gerrymandering-voter-id-democrats
    Now that Manchin has made his affirmative demands on voting rights explicit, the big question is this: What is he willing to do to make sure the proposals he champions become law?

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