Unvaccinated? You’re in trouble!

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

As much of the country emerges from masking and social distancing, undervaccinated pockets in the U.S. still threaten to bring the virus roaring back.

Less than 25% of the population is fully vaccinated in at least 482 counties, according to an analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data by Bloomberg News. Many of these counties are more rural and less economically advantaged than the rest of the U.S., and a majority of their voters in the last presidential election chose Donald Trump, according to the analysis of 2,700 U.S. counties.

Though more than 174 million Americans have received at least one dose of a vaccine, accounting for about 64.6% of the adult population, such averages belie stark gaps in vaccination rates at a local level. With more contagious versions of the virus like the delta variant taking hold, this creates opportunities for further spread.

Hidden pockets of low rates of vaccinations at the local level have been a challenge before in the U.S. “When you start to look at communities, you start to really unveil very, very low vaccination rates that tend to get averaged out when you’re looking at the entire country or even on an entire state,” said Maimuna Majumder, a health informatics researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital. Viruses don’t spread at a national or statewide level, she said, but among friends, family and neighbors in a community, passing it to each other as people go about their daily lives.

I find it difficult to write polite phrases about people who choose to remain unvaccinated. Whatever the reason. It matters not whether religion or ignorance, fear or just plain stupidity governs your decision-making. You’re not only risking your own life. Apparently, you don’t care if you kill your children, your neighbors or the folks who live down the street.

The reasons for getting vaccinated aren’t new. I had to learn about them the first time I was vaccinated. That was in 1947. This is nothing daring. It doesn’t take anymore brains than stopping for a red light.

11 thoughts on “Unvaccinated? You’re in trouble!

  1. Mark says:

    Mr Eideard

    You know my views on the state of the current corona vaccines. There is no long term safety profile. Every other vaccine produced has at least 7 years of safety testing behind it. How is it ignorant to take this into account when choosing to be vaccinated or not?

    Other, safer and cheaper treatments and prophylaxis have been proven effective but banned *for some reason*. This fact will eventually come out in the wash no doubt.

    Even one of the mRNA vaccine creators Dr Robert Malone has cast doubt on the vaccine long term safety and that its madness to jump head long into unknown territory when alternatives exist.

    Additionally, who give a rats arse what the nut bag anti-vax pro magnetism idiots think. It seems that a primary motivation for people to be vaccinated is that the nut bags oppose it. A badge of honour. This is as stupid as the nutbags saying they WONT be vaccinated because liberals support it.

    It seems that the orange idiot has broken peoples brains. This culture war nonsense needs to stop. Its toxic.

    • eideard says:

      mRNA…one of the reasons for its adoption here…and I assume elsewhere…is that is greater confidence in the reproducibility of results after short-term testing. That this COVID-19 attack is the first case study of size that gets this eval [1] doesn’t eliminate the usefulness or desirability of long-term testing; but [2] practitioners and scientists alike have more confidence in rolling the med out on an emergency basis than they would have using previous protocols for production. That’s the reason I feel assured enough to support such a radical divergence from prior practices.

      There will be many more examples in coming months. Not as radical as this; but, parallel in what will be perceived as short-timing the process. I haven’t posted about other firms involved because, frankly, I could be judged unethical in my investing…and talking about my investing. Not that I have beaucoup money; but, I manage my own retirement investment account these last 7 years. And sometime in the next 2-3 months, you will see me blathering even more on the topic…after what I hope will be a successful SPAC-IPO. And we will hear from the CEO of that new company saying all this a lot more authoritatively about the science involved than I ever could.

      I heard him speaking once before he and the other 5 Phds who founded his company were required to start “quiet time” before the announcement of the IPO. So, I’m waiting. But, what they have produced so far was, in fact, involved with the COVID-19 vaccines.

    • eideard says:

      I’m not going searching because it really isn’t that important; but, I’ve read a few recent interviews with Malone where he feels people are now misquoting him on how strongly HE has criticized the use of mRNA against COVID. It goes round and round, every day.

  2. Mark says:

    Tried reading your response(s) on a phone. Not good. Massive long column of text. Still recovering.

    I have no problems with people weighing up the risks and taking the vaccine. Most seem to be effective and relatively safe in the short term. Long term though, who knows?

    However, my hackles rise up when I hear people infer that one is a bad person for not opting in, or suggesting that one should be made a second class citizen for that choice. What have the vaccinated to fear from the un-vaccinated? If you are worried about the covids then get the jab. The rest of the criticism is just pure culture war.

    I recently watch quite a long podcast in which Robert Malone stated that he was concerned about the long term vaccine effects. He also remarked on the stupidity of encouraging children and those who got immunity the hard way to also take the vaccine, and that it was an unnecessary risk. I’d recommend listening to the full discussion but a guy call Steve Kirsch also participated and made it a hard listen with his constant interjecting and general crazy person demeanour.


    You could watch it on the Ewe-Tubes except it got hit with the ban hammer for discussing the success of Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine treatments and presenting the pretty compelling data. When a guy like Robert Malone endorses the use of Ivermectin, maybe we should put the culture war hysteria aside for a moment and listen to what he has to say.

  3. Mark says:

    Dr Malone discussing some concerns over spike protein infiltration after Pfizer vaccination. The full video was taken down and Ewe Tube is now censoring the channel. Disgraceful.

  4. Update says:

    Highly contagious Delta variant​ could cause next COVID-19 wave: “This virus will still find you” (CBS News) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-19-delta-variant-contaigous-next-wave/
    Fauci says delta accounts for 20% of new cases and will be dominant Covid variant in U.S. in weeks (CNBC) https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/23/delta-covid-variant-fauci-says-delta-accounts-for-20percent-of-new-cases-in-us.html
    Studies suggest the Delta variant is around 60% more transmissible than the alpha variant that emerged in the U.K. last fall and was already more contagious than the original strain that emerged from Wuhan, China, in late 2019.

  5. dolphinwrite says:

    I wrote this in another place, something I later realized I understood early in life. Never ever believe anything because many say it, because the media says it, because “experts” given airtime say it (We looked up the experts given no airtime.), but forever, think for yourselves. Listen to talk, observe, monitory, read, research, and always listen to yourself through it all, for in honesty, you will understand. **When the one’s who see and understand, who don’t doubt themselves and what is truly revealed within, remain aware, others who are struggling appreciate the light of understanding.

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