Richest Americans Can’t Give Money Away Fast Enough

MacKenzie ScottTaylor Hill/FilmMagic

America’s wealthiest have been getting a lot of unsolicited advice lately about their philanthropy, especially since the pandemic inflated the fortunes of the top 0.1% while devastating the broader economy.

Their critics’ loudest complaint: You should be giving your money away much faster.

Since splitting from the world’s richest man in 2019, MacKenzie Scott has shown how it might be done. The ex-wife of Inc. founder Jeff Bezos has donated $8.5 billion in about 12 months, distributing the cash among hundreds of small organizations typically overlooked by big donors.

“It’s really kind of stunning what’s she’s done and how different an approach she’s taken,” said John Arnold, a billionaire hedge fund manager who retired in 2012 to devote himself full-time to philanthropy. “I’m hopeful that more people will follow that model.”

Another “Oath Keeper” pleads guilty – will cooperate with prosecutors

Roger Stone and his acolytes…including Graydon Young

Graydon Young, an accused Capitol rioter, agreed to plead guilty on Wednesday and as part of his plea deal, he may take the stand against his co-conspirators.

Young, who’s believed to be a member of the Oath Keepers, a right-wing militia organization, is accused of entering the Capitol as part of a “stack,” a tactical formation used for moving through a crowd. Seen with what appears to be communication devices, prosecutors have used the Oath Keepers’ coordination on January 6 to bring about conspiracy charges that allege they premeditated the attack on the Capitol.

On Wednesday, he became the second member of the Oath Keepers to plead guilty. Jon Schaffer, an alleged member of the Oath Keepers, pleaded guilty in April to one count of obstruction of an official proceeding and one count of entering and remaining in a restricted building with a deadly or dangerous weapon…

Before entering the Capitol, Young swapped his “boonie” hat for a tactical helmet and wore a tactical vest, according to court documents. He also allegedly forwarded an email to Laura Steele, another defendant, that called for Oath Keepers to travel to Washington, D.C., to “protect events, speakers and attendees.”

“As we have done on all recent DC Ops, we will also have well-armed and equipped [quick response force] teams on standby, outside DC, in the event of a worst-case scenario, where the president calls us up as part of the militia to assist him inside DC,” the email said.

Wonder if he’ll ever get to share a cell with Trump? If he can stand the stink of decay?