We are not the cops of the world!

Here’s your chance to relive all the “glory days” of your father and uncles, and especially all the people they got to kill in a foreign land.

The assassination of Haiti’s beleaguered president, Jovenal Moise, allegedly by a posse of Colombians and Haitian-Americans, leaves that ill-starred country in turmoil yet again.

Two different prime ministers are claiming power; the first lady is recovering from gunshot wounds in a Miami hospital; and Moise’s security detail is under investigation for allegedly failing to lift a finger to defend him. Armed gangs are roaming the streets as civil order — never strong in Haiti — is breaking down at an accelerating pace…

When I was commander of U.S. Southern Command in the late 2000s, I visited Haiti often. While conditions were never promising, there was at least a veneer of civilization, mostly created by a United Nations peacekeeping force led by Brazil with troops from a number of nations, mostly from the Americas…

I would return to my headquarters in Miami and have the operations team review and tighten the extensive contingency plans we maintained to deal with a wave of refugees — which included interdicting rafts at sea and returning them to Haiti or, worst case, offloading them in a refugee facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It was a constant worry, and as I left the command to head to Europe in 2009, I was pessimistic about the future

The U.S. has sent a small team of investigators to help look into the assassination, but it should not step into the breech on a larger scale unilaterally, despite the dangers of a complete meltdown and an attendant refugee crisis…

The potential costs of a mission are high. It would set off the usual alarm bells across Latin America and the Caribbean, justified given America’s track record of military interventions. It would require a costly deployment of troops overseas just as President Joe Biden’s administration tries to end the so-called forever wars in the Middle East. And it would be a difficult and risky mission with uncertain metrics and outcomes — as was Afghanistan.

James Stavridis is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He is a retired U.S. Navy admiral and former supreme allied commander of NATO…He doesn’t give a shit about my politics, my opinions. One of those official characters marching across the global stage with a chest full of gleaming medals rewarding him for leading American military might to bear on “furriners” all around the globe.

And even he thinks our perpetual police-actions are stupid, lethal exercises. No substitute for diplomacy…and more.

One thought on “We are not the cops of the world!

  1. Footnote says:

    “The “X Article” is an article, formally titled “The Sources of Soviet Conduct”, written by George F. Kennan under the pseudonym “X”, published in the July 1947 issue of Foreign Affairs magazine. The article widely introduced the term “containment”, advocating for its use against the Soviet Union. The piece expanded on ideas expressed by Kennan in a confidential February 1946 telegram, formally identified by Kennan’s State Department number, “511”, but informally dubbed the “long telegram” due to its length.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Article
    In a PBS television interview with David Gergen in 1996, Kennan again reiterated that he did not regard the Soviets as primarily a military threat, noting that “they were not like Hitler”. Kennan’s opinion was that this misunderstanding:
    “it all came down to one sentence in the “X” article where I said that wherever these people, meaning the Soviet leadership, confronted us with dangerous hostility anywhere in the world, we should do everything possible to contain it and not let them expand any further. I should have explained that I didn’t suspect them of any desire to launch an attack on us. This was right after the war, and it was absurd to suppose that they were going to turn around and attack the United States. I didn’t think I needed to explain that, but I obviously should have done it.” https://web.archive.org/web/20090417054822/http://www.pbs.org/newshour/gergen/kennan.html

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