Great Salt Lake is shrinking fast

Great Salt Lake is also known as America’s Dead Sea — owing to a likeness to its much smaller Middle Eastern counterpart — but scientists worry the moniker could soon take new meaning.

Human water consumption and diversion have long depleted the Utah lake. Its level today is inches away from a 58-year low, state officials say, and Western drought conditions fueled by the climate crisis have exacerbated conditions…

…Left alone, the lake’s footprint would span 2,100 square miles — more than three times the area of Houston. An analysis published last year showed that water siphoned off the rivers that feed the natural wonder had reduced its level by 11 feet, depleting the lake area by more than half…

Despite the warning bells, water meant for Great Salt Lake continues to be diverted to farms, ranches and cities — the latter of which enjoy some of the cheapest water in the nation…

Unfortunately, farmers, subdivision developers, own many more politicians than do scientists, environmentalists.

2 thoughts on “Great Salt Lake is shrinking fast

  1. Luke 17:32 says:

    Goodbye Great Salt Lake—Hello, Babylon
    A report released by the Great Salt Lake Advisory Council, Utah Department of Natural Resources, identifies 12 strategies to protect the lake, which delivers $1.3 billion in economic value to the state and is responsible for 7,000 people in the workplace.
    Water Strategies for Great Salt Lake Legal Analysis and Review of Select Water Strategies for Great Salt Lake (July 17, 2020)

  2. ladymaenad says:

    This is a topic I haven’t seen addressed often enough and it has been on my mind lately. People forget that the Great Salt Lake is both environmentally and economically important. Personally, I am most concerned about the birds that use the Great Salt Lake as an oasis during their migrations. But I’m just a bird nerd… what do I know when there is real estate to be developed?

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