5 thoughts on “Congratulations, Deb Haaland

      • Merigaana says:

        “At her swearing-in ceremony in Washington [as United States Secretary of the Interior on March 16, 2021], Haaland donned a sky-blue ribbon skirt. Worn on special occasions, the ribbon skirt is a sacred garment and the ribbons often have special meanings connected with the wearer. In this case Haaland’s skirt featured an embroidered decorative motif of butterflies, symbolizing an uplifting message, and a cornstalk, hinting at Haaland’s enrolled membership of the Pueblo of Laguna, surrounded by four-pointed stars, representing the souls of the departed looking down and protecting their relatives.” https://www.irenebrination.com/irenebrination_notes_on_a/2021/03/history-heritage-deb-haaland.html
        “In November 2018, Deb Haaland of Laguna Pueblo and Sharice Davids of the Ho-Chunk Nation became the first Indigenous women elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Rep. Haaland took the Oath of Office on January 3, 2019, wearing a traditional Laguna Pueblo woman’s dress and accessories, and now has graciously donated her historic attire to the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture for inclusion in the Survival and Resilience section of the Here, Now and Always exhibition.” https://www.elpalacio.org/2020/01/leaving-the-ladder-down/

    • p/s says:

      “In 1923, several Pueblo leaders traveled to Washington, D.C., testifying to defeat a bill introduced by Rep. Holm Bursum that would have confiscated traditional lands from the nineteen Indian pueblos in New Mexico. In 1924, Puebloans and other Native Americans were duly recognized as citizens of the United States. In 1948, World War II veteran Miguel Trujillo, an Isleta Pueblo citizen, successfully sued to obtain Native Americans’ right to vote. And now, Rep. Haaland’s election has brought full-circle the long campaign of Pueblo and other Native peoples to be recognized as full contributing citizens of New Mexico and the United States.” https://www.elpalacio.org/2020/01/leaving-the-ladder-down/

  1. Hardball says:

    “U.S. Interior secretary accused of defying federal judge’s oil lease ruling” https://www.worldoil.com/news/2021/7/28/us-interior-secretary-accused-of-defying-federal-judge-s-oil-lease-ruling
    “Six weeks after a federal judge ordered the Biden administration to resume selling oil and gas leases on federal land, there’s no sign it has and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland struggled Tuesday to explain why.
    “We are evaluating our options,” Haaland told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee amid sharp criticism from Republicans. “There’s a lot of work that goes into moving that forward.”
    A Louisiana-based federal district judge issued a preliminary injunction June 15 against President Joe Biden’s order to pause lease sales on federal land and waters so it could be considered in light of its climate impacts. The judge ordered Interior to immediately restart leasing but the agency hasn’t scheduled any auctions or rescheduled sales postponed earlier this year.
    Haaland faced withering criticism from no fewer than seven of the 20 senators on the committee amid growing bipartisan frustration with the halt of new leasing in areas that provide roughly a quarter of U.S. oil production.”
    Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee members: https://www.energy.senate.gov/members

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