2 thoughts on “Idiot Box

  1. Santayana says:

    The master’s voice https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2008/oct/09/radio.hitler.bbc.czechoslovakia
    “…Goebbels defined radio as the main instrument of his propaganda policy, and Germany began broadcasting across the border to Czechoslovakia’s 3.5m German speakers almost as soon as the Nazis came to power. As is so often the case of a somewhat cumbersome democratic state in the face of dictatorship, Czechoslovakia was agonizingly slow to recognize the danger of Nazi radio propaganda. As late as 1938, less than eight percent of the broadcasts by Radiojournal – as Czechoslovak Radio was then known – were in German, although German speakers made up a quarter of the population.
    Milena Jesenská, one of the most brilliant Czech journalists of her generation (most often remembered for her brief affair with Franz Kafka many years earlier) described the situation thus: “For five years all that people in the borderlands have had to do is to turn a switch and Nazi ideology from the German stations has flowed directly into their homes – it goes without saying that they all tuned into stations that they could understand! … As a counter to this, all we offered was half an hour of German radio, most of it dull and indigestible. Only by now they are all perfectly schooled, sweet-talked and bullied, repeating parrot-fashion phrases about their national space.”

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