Same as it ever was…


Don’t get me started. Been hollering at the TV set, all day. [In between exercise walks, watching proper football from around the world…and a one-hour nap, I must admit].

No cure for stupid equally affects American voters and American politicians.

There’s a bill before Congress to help build out Clean Drinking Water for everyone. We were fighting a revolution 246 years ago…and won! Since then, no one in charge ever figured out the whole country would benefit from having clean drinking water? Oh, and when we have a disease sweeping through the country we shouldn’t be required to put on a mask to help prevent the spread of that disease…because that makes you look strange. Like a furriner, maybe.

And people wonder why I sound pissed off?

3 thoughts on “Same as it ever was…

  1. p/s says:

    “Ben Franklin’s bitter regret that he didn’t immunize his 4-year-old son against smallpox”

    “Understanding ’tis a current Report, that my Son Francis, who died lately of the Small Pox, had it by Inoculation; and being desired to satisfy the Publick in that Particular; inasmuch as some People are, by that Report (join’d with others of the like kind, and perhaps equally groundless) deter’d from having that Operation perform’d on their Children, I do hereby sincerely declare, that he was not inoculated, but receiv’d the Distemper in the common Way of Infection: And I suppose the Report could only arise from its being my known Opinion, that Inoculation was a safe and beneficial Practice; and from my having said among my Acquaintance, that I intended to have my Child inoculated, as soon as he should have recovered sufficient Strength from a Flux with which he had been long afflicted.”
    B. Franklin, The Pennsylvania Gazette, December 30, 1736.

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