Latest dumbass rightwing suggestion from FOX NOISE

Good ol’ boy, J.D.

Should we disenfranchise the childfree? If you’re wondering what kind of stupid question that is, the answer is: it’s the sort of stupid question that Fox News hosts and Republicans deem worthy of serious discussion. Last week the intellectuals at Fox News took some time out from vilifying immigrants and inventing things to get outraged about in order to debate whether the “childless left” deserve a vote. After some careful consideration they decided that while it probably wasn’t “feasible” to ban childfree people from participating in society, the idea did have merit.

The catalyst for this mind-bogglingly asinine discussion, by the way, was a recent speech made by the Ohio Senate candidate JDVance to a conservative thinktank. Vance chastised four prominent Democrat leaders – Vice-President Kamala Harris, transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, Senator Cory Booker and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – for not reproducing, suggesting that not having biological kids made them bad leaders.

Being childfree, per Vance, means you don’t have a “physical commitment to the future of [the US]” thus shouldn’t have as much say in the direction of the country as parents.

Nowadays, I barely get a murmur of surprise from anyone – and I mean truly anyone regardless of education, class or age – when conversation approaches the topic of parenting. Though I don’t tramp around on archaic religious doctrine or the essential right to choose to give birth versus deciding to terminate the process of gestation, good, bad or indifferent, I rarely get more than a blink when my response includes that “I decided to have a vasectomy – at the age of 22.”

Never looked back. Never felt the need. Certainly never agreed with any imperative, religious, biological or otherwise, that I was missing out. Though rarely surprised by anachronistic proposals from the Right…especially when buried in the belly of a stupid beast like today’s Republican Party…I have to admit this one takes the cake. Chemically-bleached flour, sugar-enhanced flavoring, cheap bourbon-laced frosting and all.

5 thoughts on “Latest dumbass rightwing suggestion from FOX NOISE

  1. Gleichschaltung says:

    In a conversation with conservative media personality Charlie Kirk earlier this year, Vance explained his rationale for getting more Americans to have children.
    “We need more American children because American families, American children are good for us,” Vance said. “They make fathers more invested — there’s all kinds of research on this. They make our economy more dynamic. They make fathers more empathetic, more invested in their communities.”
    But, he noted, he is always accused of being racist for elevating new children over population increases through immigration.
    “There’s just no comparison between the positive effects of children and the positive effects of an immigrant,” he said. He insisted that he loved immigrants but added that “you can’t have so many people coming to the country at a time when our own families aren’t replicating themselves” — a parallel argument to the “White replacement theory” espoused by people such as Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.”
    “How the ugly, racist White ‘replacement theory’ came to Congress” (4/15/21) “At its core, “replacement theory” is guided by the belief that lower birth rates among Whites (as compared to non-Whites) is allowing some amorphous groups — some adherents to this view blame Jewish people, while others put the onus on liberal politicians — to bring in thousands of immigrants more attuned to their preferred world view and, in so doing, change American culture right from under White people’s noses.”

  2. Ch-ch-changes says:

    America is more diverse and more multiracial than ever before, according to new 2020 Census data released on Thursday.
    People of color represented 43% of the total US population in 2020, up from 34% in 2010.
    The non-Hispanic White share of the US population fell to 57% in 2020, shrinking by six percentage points since 2010, the largest decrease of any race or ethnicity. The share of those who identified as Hispanic or Latino or as multiracial grew the most.
    People of color make up 95% of Texas’ population growth, and cities and suburbs are booming, 2020 census shows
    The state’s Hispanic population is now nearly as large as the non-Hispanic white population, with Texas gaining nearly 11 Hispanic residents for every additional white resident since 2010. Those trends set up a pitched battle for political control when state lawmakers redraw legislative districts.

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