Consumers want more for le$$

Even as Americans fork out more cash for upscale forms of caffeine and alcohol, there’s one thing they increasingly want in bulk, for cheap: marijuana.

In Tilray’s fourth-quarter call last week, Chief Executive Officer Irwin Simon said that Covid-19 prompted more people to shop for marijuana online, and that worked against premium brands. That contrasts with the “premiumization” trend of consumers trading up to higher-priced products that companies including Molson Coors and Starbucks talked about in earnings calls last week.

Tilray isn’t the only one noticing: A Stifel survey of almost 500 marijuana users across the U.S. and Canada came to the same conclusion.

Gotta save on household expenses, somehow, eh?

One thought on “Consumers want more for le$$

  1. Supply & Demand says:

    “The head of the state agency charged with overseeing New Mexico’s upcoming recreational cannabis industry told lawmakers to prepare for the “Krispy Kreme syndrome.”
    “It’s highly likely we will run out of [legal] cannabis in the first week, if not the first two weeks” after legal sales begin, Linda Trujillo, superintendent of the Regulation and Licensing Department, said Monday during a hearing before the Legislature’s Economic Development and Policy Committee.”
    “What Does Weed Cost? The Complete Weed Price Breakdown”
    “‘Ridiculous’ price of medical marijuana leaves patients scrambling : Many people who use the drug to treat chronic conditions are priced out of their state’s medical marijuana program.” “Across the U.S., the price of medical marijuana can be more than double the cost of street pot – even before you factor in the additional step required to keep it legal.”

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