11 thoughts on “SuperSpreader

  1. Criminal negligence says:

    “If more Americans don’t get vaccinated, there is “ample chance” of another coronavirus variant emerging, one that could be more aggressive and more pervasive than the delta variant, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Wednesday.
    “If another one comes along that has an equally high capability of transmitting but also is much more severe, then we really could be in trouble,” Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, said in an interview with McClatchy.
    “People who are not getting vaccinated mistakenly think it’s only about them. But it isn’t. it’s about everybody else, also,” said Fauci.” https://abc7.com/doomsday-covid-variant-worse-than-delta-may-be-coming-plus-usa/10930102/
    “Fauci fears that a variant worse than delta is coming, says COVID-19 cases may double” https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/coronavirus/article253248688.html

    • Mark says:

      Says Dr ‘Gain of Function’ Fauci, a self-confessed liar (“masks dont work”), statistics fudger (herd immunity numbers) and spokesperson for all of science (“criticism of Fauci is criticism of science”). Not an entirely reputable source of information.

      It is entirely possible, and in some ways more likely, that the evolutionary pressure of breakthrough cases of the vaccinated will cause more successful strains of the virus to emerge. This can happen when you don’t have a sterilising vaccine (ie 100% effective).

      Fauci should try being honest for once, instead of spurious finger pointing and fear mongering, and help those who want the vaccine to get it. It might yield better outcomes.

      • eideard says:

        Most scientists would consider both your attitude and approach unscientific. Quoting Fauci’s earliest statements, a few years before the current body of knowledge existed is irrelevant. He’s offered a few chronological articles to point that out. Point is…personalization has nothing to do with the science. I’ve been through early days of everything from political movements to retail product development. Yes, I keep around copies of some early analyses to remind me of how and why I entertained going in the wrong direction. And I try to keep on learning. Filling your life with absolutes of ideology has nothing to do with science.

        Helping those who want it to get it? The US is one of the powerhouses in the top 3 or 4 of production of vaccines. Fauci has directed literally billions of doses from Pfizer and Moderna to other nations. Our biggest problem here is nutters ranging from Facebook fanboys to Republican governors who don’t even approve of masks much less vaccination.

      • eideard says:

        BTW, the percentage of breakthrough cases [which BTW contradicts the definition of ANY vaccine as 100% effective] state-by-state in the US currently ranges from 0.01 to 0.9%. Typical of most vaccines. And the legalistic rigidity of regulations designed before mRNA existed as a practical mass remedy is being challenged in court, right now, to lose the crap “experimental” now required by law. Producers will continue to experiment, learn and improve…as they always do. The marketplace demands it. Ideology not required.

  2. Mark says:

    I agree that the vaccine rollout has been an outstanding success in the GOUSA, certainly compared to the debacle here in upside down land. My point is that Fauci, who has a history of talking bollocks (like most politicians), is just engaging in unproductive thuggery by blaming speculative new variants on the unvaccinated. He needs to build trust not point fingers.

    What exactly is unscientific in suggesting that it’s possible that the selection pressure exerted by the vaccinated will result in new variants?

    I’m wondering when the tech giant Ministry of Truth is going to censor Sleepy Joe for saying that if you get the vaccine you won’t get covid. Is misinformation, no?

    Also, when do you reckon the media going to stop this obsession with case numbers and lead with the actual harm caused by covid? Seems to me that would be more relevant and less hyperbolic.

    • eideard says:

      You ain’t reading broadly enough, ‘bro. Find yourself pubs based in the scientific/medical community. Not the popular press. Cripes, I hadn’t worked in the hospital community for years – when I retired 20 years ago – and they still pop up in my emails.

  3. Cassandra says:

    Anti-Vax Doctor Goes Wildly Viral on YouTube, Facebook : Despite claiming they prohibit misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, videos of Dan Stock saying vaccines make COVID worse at a Mt. Vernon, Indiana school board have stayed up and gather millions of views. https://www.vice.com/en/article/7kvqqa/anti-vax-doctor-goes-wildly-viral-on-youtube-facebook
    …and to complete that evening’s entertainment, an angry mob in the school parking lot harassed the medical professionals who had spoken in favor of masks in schools. “We know who you are. You can leave freely, but we will find you,” they shrieked.

  4. Judas goat says:

    Dr. Dan Stock Testifies at Mt. Vernon School Board Meeting https://archive.is/onW9o#selection-39.0-39.58
    A viral Youtube video of a speech by Daniel Stock, self-described as a functional family medicine physician, at a 6 August 2021 Board Meeting of the Mount Vernon Community School Corporation in Hancock County, Indiana. During his speech Stock repeated previously debunked misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and control strategies. For instance, face masks don’t reduce the spread of respiratory infections; COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective, and may lead to more severe disease; ivermectin, vitamin D, and zinc are effective COVID-19 treatments.
    The video received more than 3,5 million views on YouTube alone. While YouTube removed the original video for violating the platform’s community guidelines, copies continue circulating on multiple media outlets and social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (see https://archive.is/YmU4q ) https://healthfeedback.org/claimreview/family-physician-daniel-stock-repeated-previously-debunked-misinformation-about-covid-19-vaccines-treatments-and-control-strategies-in-a-mount-vernon-school-board-meeting/

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