Coppers work like hell to save lives. Some folks say “get off my property!”

More than three weeks after it ignited in a remote canyon, the monster Dixie fire continued to break records Friday, leapfrogging Oregon’s Bootleg fire to become the largest burning in the U.S. and the third largest in recorded California history.

As the effects of climate change are felt more intensely worldwide, this singular blaze was raging in four counties — Butte, Lassen, Plumas and Tehama — and had scorched 679 square miles, an area considerably larger than the city of Los Angeles.

Stoked by extreme drought, dry vegetation and gusty winds, it was burning more rapidly and behaving more erratically than even veteran firefighters could recall ever seeing…

Greg Hagwood, a Plumas County supervisor, said that in the last 72 hours, as fire has swept through or threatened small mountain towns including Greenville, the evacuations have grown tense — in some cases, residents have met law enforcement with weapons…

In response to those who flatly refused to evacuate, he said, deputies were asking for next-of-kin information so they would have someone to notify if the holdouts died.

Sometimes, you only get one chance.