Future Historians will no doubt ponder the origins of the Sheffield Staplings of 2019. What motivated ordinary people to affix their hard-won bread to trees around the central English city? Was it an act of political resistance? A ritual expression of religious belief? A cryptic calling card for a secret society devoted to all things baked and arboreal?

Whatever the case, Reddit user flight0fthenavigator would like people to know that it “is NOT a cult. The Sheffield Staplings have probably led some people to believe this, but it’s not.”…

Sheffield, in truth, is only the most recent locale to become the focus of the subreddit “BreadStapledToTrees,” or BSTT, in which people post and discuss photos of their staplings. The forum was actually launched in 2017 by a user who has since deleted his Reddit account. Nevertheless, the subreddit has accumulated some 213,000 members. According to prominent BSTT member I_Say_Fool_Of_A_Took (real name Andy Chamberlain), the founding user and his friend had originally envisioned a subreddit about “whole wheat bread stapled to trees,” before they ultimately decided that was too specific. Soon, they opened the floor to…any kind of bread stapled to trees.

Wednesday fans, no doubt…

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