German Army had to help the police tidy up an illegal collection of weapons of war in this basement

For decades, a German man has stockpiled Nazi weapons of war in his basement, including a 45-ton Panzer-V (Panther) tank and an 88-millimeter anti-aircraft gun. Now, a German court has given him a 14-month suspended sentence and fine of about $300,000 for the arsenal, which was seized in a raid in 2015.

While it takes some effort for German citizens to legally buy and carry loaded firearms, it’s entirely prohibited to own any weapons of war. According to Insider, the man violated the Weapons Control Act by possessing military-grade weapons. His lawyers, however, argued that because most of his collection was non-functioning, he could not be charged.

The man, identified in court documents as Klaus-Dieter F. from Heikendorf, had also amassed a torpedo, 70 rifles and machine guns, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and an unspecified number of semi and fully automatic pistols…

According to locals, the tank was an open secret, and the man even used it as a snowplow once during a particularly harsh winter shortly after acquiring it from an English junkyard.

He got a suspended sentence and paid a hefty fine. I’m not certain why he didn’t make the effort to become a licensed collector. That is perfectly legal in Germany and, in fact, legal collectors are now buying the collection of armaments from the police department which confiscated them. I hope he gets a piece of it to cover his $300,000 fine for breaking the law.

The Global Coronavirus Outbreak

The world is bracing for a new wave of Covid-19 infections, as the coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 200 million people and killed more than 4.3 million globally since late January 2020. Efforts many countries took to stamp out the pneumonia-like illness led to entire nations enforcing lockdowns, widespread halts of international travel, mass layoffs and battered financial markets. Recent attempts to revive social life and financial activities have resulted in another surge in cases and hospitalizations, though new drugs and improved care may help more people who get seriously ill survive…

The epicenter of the pandemic has continued to shift throughout the year, from China, then Europe, then the U.S., and now to developing countries like Brazil. Cases globally surpassed 10 million in late June, but ever since infections have been multiplying faster. The U.S. and India have the most infections, accounting for more than a third of all cases combined.

As countries loosen lockdowns in an effort to reboot their economies, many have seen a resurgence of infections. The number of new daily cases in the U.S. rose to record highs after some states relaxed social distancing requirements. Even places that successfully contained infections earlier in the year, like China and South Korea, have seen cases bubble back up…

The “worst is yet to come” given a lack of global solidarity, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization, said at a briefing in Geneva on June 29.

The combination of ignorance and naiveté among Americans pretty much guarantees another deadly wave of illness and death. Personally, I stay away from my fellow Americans as much as possible.

I had to see one of the physicians in my life on one day’s notice, this morning…and he and his staff were as masked up and practicing the same safety protocols in place when this pandemic began. Politicians in DC may have lowered their standards. I doubt many medical practitioners have.