This Racist ‘Theory’ Is Now GOP Dogma

Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

The hoods are off, and Republicans are embracing the white supremacist “replacement theory.”

If you’re dismissing this as fear-mongering or click-bait, you probably missed Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House and renowned adulterer, espousing replacement theory rhetoric on Fox News earlier this week while talking to host Maria Baritromo, who always has time to offer a platform to dangerous conspiracy peddling. Speaking about Mexican immigrants coming to America during the pandemic, Gingrich said the “radical left” wants to “get rid of the rest of us” and would “love to drown traditional, classic Americans with as many people as they can who know nothing of American history, nothing of American tradition, nothing of the rule of law.”

He wasn’t talking about Donald Trump, notorious for being historically ignorant and profoundly incurious, but about those of us with darker skin, who are never seen as “traditional” or “classic” or “real Americans.” Gingrich, a craven political opportunist, parroted the talking points associated with “the great replacement” theory, also known as “white genocide,” which stipulates the white race and “Western civilization” are in dire threat of being weakened and ultimately usurped by immigrants of color, Muslims, feminists, and gays.

Quotes describing the disease infecting what passes for intellect in monsters like Gingrich, Trump, et al, run through the article like shit through a goose. Read it and be prepared – if you care not only for the heritage of “small d” democrats’ fight against racism; but, what’s coming down the pike led by a caravan of hypocrites spouting fear-stricken blather in a panic over the latest reporting from the Census Bureau.

Every trembling racist American is out buying ammo, tonight

Caroline Brehman/EPA

America’s white population declined for the first time while US metro areas were responsible for almost all of the country’s population growth, according to groundbreaking new data released on Thursday by the US census bureau.

Overall, the white-alone population fell by 8.6% since 2010, the bureau said on Thursday. Non-hispanic whites now account for around 58% of America’s population, a drop from 2010 when they made up 63.7% of the population. It was the first time that the non-Hispanic white population has fallen below 60% since the census began.

Meanwhile, there was significant growth among minority groups over the last decade. The Hispanic or Latino population grew by 23%, while the Asian alone population surged by over 35%. The Black population also increased by more than 5.6%…

The data underscores what’s at stake as lawmakers begin the process of drawing political maps that will be in place for the next decade. Relying on the data released Thursday, lawmakers across the country will carve up the 435 districts in the US House of Representatives as well as state and legislative districts…

“Our analysis of the 2020 census show that the US population is much more multiracial and more racially and ethnically diverse than what we measured in the past,” said Nicholas Jones, the director and senior adviser of race and ethnic research and outreach, in the census bureau’s population division.

Pigs like Trump and DeSantis will be rubbing their hands, calculating how far they will now expand their racist appeal to the least educated portion of American voters. Those who can always be counted on by the bigots of today’s Right. There will be the slightly more literate crowd who will try to manipulate a different tack. Making it clear that “manly” Republicans will instruct their wives to prepare for a lot more child-bearing.

The most immediate danger comes from the loonies out buying more guns and ammo to “protect” the most American Way of Death.